AXON Phase 3 Mindset trial failure

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 Wed, Sep 27 08:37 AM

Mind blowing reaction from individual traders on social media on AXON failure. First off, Alzheimer remains the toughest disease that has yet to find a cure. Top Large pharmas have failed and shut their clinical trials for Alzheimer's.

My argument is, Axovant Sciences will survive this slump, as the most important key in early stage biotechnology company is the kind of people who runs it. David Hung is a well respected Doctor and proven his capabilities on his previous success work on MEDIVATION Xtandi which was bought by Pfizer. AXON  LBD trial is yet to be released later this year, and expectations of success is very small after failing on Mindset PH3.

AXON CEO has said yesterday hat they remain undeterred and will continue to work hard on their pipelines. We need a company that will pursue cure on Alzheimer's disease and I believe that market will continue to support AXON.

 Fri, Oct 06 14:35 PM

It does look like good support and a buy

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 Thu, Sep 28 15:25 PM

should have more data coming up

 Thu, Sep 28 14:54 PM

Looks like stock has found support $6.50 last two days now. Thanks for the info

 Wed, Sep 27 09:00 AM

Thanks for the blog information. I agreed with you.