#IBB pi support

 Post by alonzo07
 Thu, Oct 26 10:54 AM

Biotech sector got whacked this week, mainly reason is weak earnings report from heavyweights pharma. ATM CELG -16,5%;  AMGN -.75% on earnings reaction; ILMN +.31% gap fade reaction post earning; GILD will report later;

See IBB chart notation* knowing exact pivots helps me as trader to execute trade  in precised manners and be prfoitable, twice we longed LABU 71 sold at 72 then 73 for daytrade.

#ANAB flag break today on IBB weakness, day 1 of option listing. We swing long

ANAB at 64.4.

 Sat, Nov 04 16:45 PM

Hey hey K!  Where is your AXON hitpiece? :)  Been waiting for it, you said on text you will publish soon? Gracias senora!