#NTNX #NVDA tech breakout!!!

 Post by Future4Trades
 Wed, Oct 11 20:58 PM

#NTNX Nutanix Inc

  • Two days strength contributed to analyst, Matthew Hedberg at RBC Capital Markets bullish stance that the company anticipated push to focus on software is not factored. 
  • For five days stock +16.67% with bullish momentum volumes
  • Next earning reports won't be unitl est Dec 5
  • Stock have more room to go higher, do you agree?


  • You want AI stock? this is one of the top stock for AI dominance 
  • Majority analyst have the stock Price Target over $200
  • From Techncial stance, stock will have room to run higher ahead of their scheduled earning reports Nov 9.
  • What are your thoughts? do you agree my bullish view?


 Thu, Oct 12 14:44 PM

#NVDA I love it. Just watching NTNX and CREE. Great notes as always.

 Thu, Oct 12 07:34 AM

tag along my #CREE bro!