VIX volatility

 Post by Future4Trades
 Wed, Jan 03 22:39 PM

   First two days into 2018 trading year U.S market continues to rally. For me, geopolitical tension (NK, Russia, China, Turkey, Iran ect..) are being shadowed by the tax reform. White House continues to ignore rest of the world problems, soon or later this will factor in, 

  VIX measured market volatility and near where the bounce zone. Big key MACRO event this month is the possibility Government shutdown if budget is not pass. Last time this happened was back in Oct 1-17, 2013. The S&P 500 dropped 2% then. 

 Tue, Jan 16 14:11 PM

#VIX +14.37% to $11.66 intraday. Market reversal from morning high with volatility pick up.